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OK, I’ll be honest: I woke up Saturday morning, March 1, and after being up and down for approximately an hour, I suddenly realized, OH MY GOD, I didn’t make a bloggie post on the 29th day of February … which was kinda my whole point of blogging EVERY DAY for the entire month of February!

(Further honesty: I meant to blog early in the day but kept getting busy doing other things — including taking an hour-long nap, which basically served to make me even tireder [more tired?], so that when I finally got home for the day/night, all I could think about was hitting the couch and watching House … which, most excellently enough, happened to be a new one!)

So: So what? I edited the timestamp. And, besides, this picture was taken on Leap Day, so what’s the big deal? I almost made it!

BEN Group

From left: Michelle, Kathy Martin (her final day at The BEN), Phil, Gayla, Sandy, Sheila, Other Diana, Jane, Traci and Di (a.k.a. Yours Truly)

Can’t write much. Too logy from having eaten dinner from Krapplebee’s (Carside to Go ROCKS!) and yellow birthday cake with chocolate icing (her favorite … and mine!).

Great night. I want to sleep now, but I feel obligated to stay up for Eli Stone. Hope I can make it!

I think it’s possible that I — and no small percentage of my co-workers — suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

I am attempting to cut everyone some slack because I know the past few months have been filled with loss and chaos, but … boy: Everything would be MUCH nicer if we’d get a few consecutive days of SUNSHINE!

Which reminds me of the episode of Northern Exposure in which Walt suffers from S.A.D. and ends up abusing his prescription sun visor! (Man, how I miss that show!)

That’s sorta how I feel at the moment.

Joe Anne used to avoid eating a big lunch at work for this very reason: She didn’t want to feel “logy” all afternoon. Except she’d pronounce it more like “loggy.”

I feel kinda logy, but I don’t blame lunch (it wasn’t all that big).

I blame the weather. And other things.

I would love to make an insightful bloggie post, but, truthfully, I would rather be lying on the couch, covered up with a down blanket, watching Medium. Preferably with Kiddle lying somewhere nearby*.

* — Preferably NOT on my head.

I cannot remember a year in which I have had less interest in the Academy Awards.

No doubt it’s because of all the movies I didn’t see this year, the one I did see, Atonement, was one that, in my not-so-humble opinion, was a HUGE disappointment. I mean, it had the potential to be great, and the first hour or so was pretty good, but then … it’s almost as if the writer(s) or the director or someone decided, Hmmm, we really don’t have anywhere left to go, so let’s haul Vanessa Redgrave out here and wrap it all up, pronto!

The blonde-headed girl (as a kid) and the main guy were pretty good in the movie, but there was no real chemistry — or true building of the relationship — between him and Keira Knightley … whose main task, it seemed, was to stand with her shoulders thrust back, no matter what else was going on.

Atonement was advertised as an “epic romance” on par with Titanic.

As I told The Lovely: “That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.” Sadly, the film was neither “epic” nor “romantic.” (Thankfully, Atonement wasn’t nearly as long as Titanic — which, as you know, I have watched numerous times, thanks to my compulsion to tune in every time it’s on TV.)

Oddly enough, however, I find myself, at this very moment, half-watching/listening to the Academy Awards show. And I’m not-so-secretly thrilled that Javier Bardem just won Best Supporting Actor for No Country for Old Men, even though I didn’t see it — mostly because I did see The Dancer Upstairs a few years back, and I realized then that he had a certain something about him.

Oh, and if I were a voting member of the Academy: Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack to the film Into the Wild would have been nominated for something! I mean, it’s wonderful — a nearly perfect album for driving!

Oh, how I love this movie, so my Saturday night was made when I happened upon it on TMC. (Commercial-free!)

I’ve often referred to this as my “Movie I Just Need to See, Occasionally” — and it had been a while since I’d seen it, and I didn’t even realize I needed to see it, and there it was.

Tonight, I was reminded, again, how great everyone is in his or her role … and, tonight, I felt a newfound appreciation for Judd Hirsch and Donald Sutherland.

I also noticed, tonight, for the first time, how this film reminded me (a little) of Good Will Hunting (mostly, the relationship between Conrad/Dr. Berger and Will/Sean Maguire) and, later, of American Beauty (Beth’s suppressed breakdown when she’s getting her suitcases out of the closet vs. Carolyn’s full-on collapse over Lester’s shirts in the closet).

I remember reading Ordinary People in Grandma Ginny’s Reader’s Digest condensed-version form (she used to get actual “condensed” books) long before I ever saw the film. And I’ve always considered this an example of a film being far better than the book. (Perhaps I’d feel differently if I had read the full version?)

The freezing drizzle stopped sometime this a.m., but the temperature never did get above the freezing mark … as far as I know, anyway. Heck, it might’ve gotten above freezing, but I ventured outside only once from work, at mid-afternoon, so who knows, really?

All I know is, it’s 27 degrees right now. And outside, all surfaces have a thick layer of ice on them, which makes walking extremely hazardous (as if it weren’t slightly dangerous, in general, already).

I love snow — when it’s falling, when it stops and the sun shines on it, when it’s not so deep that I can’t drive through it — and then, after a brief period, I’m ready for it to be gone.

I’m no fan of ice whatsoever. I mean, I don’t play hockey, nor do I ice skate, so … what’s the point?

I hate to wish my life away, but I do long for spring.

Today we have had a mix of what I like to call “sneet” (snow + sleet) and a new one I just coined, “f’rain” (freezing + rain … or, perhaps I could call it “f’f’rain,” with a certain unmentionable F-word taking the place of that first “f” … depending, of course, on your perspective).

Snow days are fun if you teach or have a job that can be pre-empted or postponed until tomorrow, not so much fun if you happen to work for a newspaper. Although, generally and oddly enough, the combination of hazardous icy roads and the potential to be “snowed-in” together tends to put people in surprisingly good moods.

Go figure.

A couple of women, Kathy and Other Diana (a.k.a. Dirty D) at work whipped up a salad and some BLT’s for lunch. Afterwards, Sheila suggested that perhaps we should have “rationed” our food … y’know, just in case we really did find ourselves snowed-in together, without any electricity or food.

“We’re not exactly the kind of people who ration food,” I declared, chomping on the third-from-last Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookie from the pack Alice had given me.

The roads are slick. I hope I do not have to get out again today/tonight.

And why is it that every time I’m snowed-in, I get a craving for spaghetti — and never seem to have all the fixin’s I need?!

I suppose, technically, it’s the earth’s shadow, isn’t it?

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