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I’ve had this CD on my desk for several weeks now; it’s filled with photos from our trip to Reno, NV, back in December 2002.

En route to Reno, however, because of high winds, we were forced to land in Las Vegas — in theory, only for a couple of hours while the winds subsided, but in reality: overnight!

While there, I foundĀ an Elvis cow.

Elvis Cow

We boarded our next flight early the next a.m. and made it to Reno without further incident(s).

Karl and Sherry took us to Lake Tahoe and some other town, right on the Nevada-California border, so I could set foot in Cali.

On the way, I spied a snowman with a mohawk.

Mohawk Snowman

Then it was time for a little beach volleyball … or not!

Lake Tahoe Beach Volleyball

This happens to be one of my favorite pictures of me because, in my opinion, I look like I’m about 12 … plus I’m wearing my then-new Timberland boots … plus Diane appears to be rather amused by the spectacle of my pseudo-balancing act!

I’m finding that, during the course of the last 10 years or so — certainly duringĀ most of the 2000s — I have been measuring/remembering the time by recalling the trips and the tribulations, the obsessions and the depressions, the love and the losses.

Seems incredible to me that this is already 2008 — which means, God willing, another “new” decade isn’t that far off. I don’t like to look too far ahead, though; doing so prompts worry, and I like me best when I’m not worrying.

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