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This was one of those Do-Nothing Days that I truly adore — especially after last Saturday’s Do-Four-Special-Sections Day, which involved being at that stinkin’ news office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. (Oh, I already griped about that? Hmmm … so sue me. [You might not be the first.])

This a.m. was pretty much devoted to playing on the computer, watching The Food Network and eating the last of the spaghetti. Eventually, I made my way to the shower. Sometime this morning, I realized I should probably go to the Crafts, Home & Garden Show and take some pictures for Monday’s paper. That put a slight damper on my Do-Nothing Day plans, but I figured I could handle it. While there, I found a wire-and-wood “World’s Greatest Tennis Player” wall-hanger thingie for Diane; she loved it, so it turned out being time well spent.

After that, I remembered that Adam/Fleas had called me Friday afternoon to let me in on a Hot News Tip: A buddy of his had mentioned that people had been driving by to look at the bluebells on Sugar Creek Road and that he knew I liked shooting wildflowers (and domestics!), so if I happened to be out and about, I should stop by. I headed up Sugar Creek, which happens to be one of the more difficult roads around, mostly because it’s curvy and hilly — apparently parts of it are impassable any time we get a significant amount of rain. Soon as I got to the bridge, I found the bluebells — they were, indeed, pretty much everywhere.


Bluebells & Log

A little while later, it was over to The Lovely’s for dinner and NCAA basketball. Or, more like, a half of the Georgetown-Ohio State game, a run to Arby’s, the rest of the game and then all of the UCLA-Florida game — during which I decided Billy Packer is an idiot for saying Joakim Noah was being “lacksadaisical” (when we all know the word is “lackadasical”), plus Noah totally was NOT being lackadaisical, at any point in the game! — and also for pronouncing Billy Donovan’s last name as “Dunavan” for the entire game. (I swear, the mute button is going to be pushed as soon as Monday’s championship game tips off!)

Sometime during the day, there were also pictures taken of tulips (see previous post), dogwoods (to be posted tomorrow, perhaps; we’ll see) and one reflected then very muddy Carmelo the Cat:

Carmelo Reflected

Muddy Carmeo

August 2020

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