Oh, how I love this movie, so my Saturday night was made when I happened upon it on TMC. (Commercial-free!)

I’ve often referred to this as my “Movie I Just Need to See, Occasionally” — and it had been a while since I’d seen it, and I didn’t even realize I needed to see it, and there it was.

Tonight, I was reminded, again, how great everyone is in his or her role … and, tonight, I felt a newfound appreciation for Judd Hirsch and Donald Sutherland.

I also noticed, tonight, for the first time, how this film reminded me (a little) of Good Will Hunting (mostly, the relationship between Conrad/Dr. Berger and Will/Sean Maguire) and, later, of American Beauty (Beth’s suppressed breakdown when she’s getting her suitcases out of the closet vs. Carolyn’s full-on collapse over Lester’s shirts in the closet).

I remember reading Ordinary People in Grandma Ginny’s Reader’s Digest condensed-version form (she used to get actual “condensed” books) long before I ever saw the film. And I’ve always considered this an example of a film being far better than the book. (Perhaps I’d feel differently if I had read the full version?)