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Various shots from yesterday afternoon and evening at Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park … in no particular order:

Deer in Brush

Deer Grazing

3 Deer

Deer Profile

Deer Tongue

Deer Looking

My boss showed up next door (her ex lives there; she was dropping her son by to pick up his bike and some clothes) this evening whilst I was over at Donald — or, as Kameron calls him, McDonald — and Virginia’s, staking out the hummingbird feeder. At that particular moment, I was staring straight up into a tall tree, where the hummingbird was perched on a branch — waiting to see if the male hummingbird was nearby so she’d know whether it was “safe” to visit the feeder.

“Are you praying?” my boss asked.

I told her I wasn’t. (I didn’t mention that, a few minutes earlier, a bird had pooped on my back!)

I ended up with a few hummingbird shots, nothing noteworthy. I experimented a little: using flash, bumping up the shutter speed, shooting from different angles. Still can’t get as close as I’d like … and I’d still prefer getting shots in which the birds are dipping their beaks into actual flowers instead of the humdrum, artificial-looking feeder.

Patience, Grasshopper …


What did you do this weekend?

I pretty much did absolutely nothing — which, admittedly, is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. Limited human contact, a great pseudo-Mexican lunch, a couple of naps, some unexpected photo opportunities. I spent the first 36 hours or so feeling rather lethargic, which only further enhanced my desire NOT to do anything; I started to perk up today around 2 p.m., just in time to start lamenting the fact that Sunday was more than halfway over.

Not long after that, I found out that Diane had had a flat tire and Karl’s Jeep had broken down. Both were more than an hour from their respective homes when their car troubles had struck (stricken?). Diane, driving on the spare, had to backtrack to help Karl transport the kidlets to his house. Meanwhile, I was relegated to the role of dispatcher but ended up not having to make any emergency runs. Fortunately, everyone made it to their destination safely and soundly.

I’ve been in a bit of a sports mode here lately, what with the Cubs leading the National League Central … and here it is, late August. What a rarity! Oh, I know it won’t last, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did? (I, too, am a dreamer, at times!) Plus, tomorrow the U.S. Open starts, which means 12 hours of tennis a day over the next two weeks. Yay!

I’m also kind of excited because there’s supposed to be a full lunar eclipse tomorrow night/early Tuesday morning. Of course, knowing how much of the meteor shower I managed to see a couple of weeks ago (none!), I can only predict that I will sleep through this event, too.

Yesterday evening, I found some horses. (I probably should’ve made a separate post, but I’m feeling really really lazy right now. Plus, it’s past my bedtime as it is!)

Closeup Paint

Running Horse

2 Horses

Horses Eating

Not long after that, I stumbled upon some flowers. And monarchs.



Open Monarch

The only drawback about shooting the flowers and flutterbies was that, later, I found two tiny ticks on my left foot! (Neither of them had attached themselves to my skin, though. Thankfully.)

I shot this deer before leaving the late. I was in my car, and I was hoping to have time to fire off three or four shots (or more!) and get something in focus, but this young buck wasn’t in the mood to stand around waiting for me … darn it!

Young Buck

Deer & Barn

Running Deer

Deer X'ing

2 Deer


The weather has been lovely here for the past two days.

Today, one of the country roads took me to a lane. I was leery because a portion of yesterday’s travels took me down the potholiest terrain imaginable, but today, all of the roads were quite nice.

I stopped midway down the lane because I realized it was a dead-end.

Then I saw something staring at me, so I started shooting. (I stopped after 15 or so ’cause the deer was not moving at all … and I started to wonder if maybe it was one o’ those yard-art faux deer that some people put out front … and then I thought how funny that might be if anyone in either of the houses happened to be watching me … but then the deer turned its head and wagged its tail … so I resumed shooting.)

I didn’t notice the turkeys in the background until later when I was looking at my pictures on the computer screen.

Deer & Turkeys

I covered a college signing this afternoon. And there were a couple of roads I could have taken — one of them the highway that runs right in front of my house, (mostly) straight north for 11 miles and right to the college.

I took that road part of the way, and then I veered off. Like I usually do.

Camouflaged Deer

Trees & Clouds

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