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No Wake Duckies

These are red-breasted mergansers — a female on the left, male on the right — near the South Sandusky boat ramp. (Thank you, Birds of Illinois by Lone Pine Publishing.)

2 Mergansers

So, a couple of weeks ago, on a whim, I decided to enter the Spring Art, Craft and Photography Competition and Exhibit at the Cedarhurst Creative Art Center. Mostly because I just so happened to receive an e-mail at work about the upcoming event and thought it sounded kinda cool.

I called the director and had her send me an entry form, and then I went about deciding which two pictures I wanted to enter. Which wasn’t easy because I have approximately three years’ worth of photos on my hard drive, along with countless CD’s from past years, and I really didn’t feel like going through all any of them, so I took a cursory glance at the various folders on my PC and came up with a couple that I liked. (Actually, I had the Smiling Dragonfly in mind and then picked the Poppies shot because … well, let’s face it, I’m a bit obsessed with poppies, but mostly I just liked the colors and the contrast.)

Smiling Dragonfly

Smiling Dragonfly



I also considered a couple of portraits of Kendra and a shot of Diane reading to the grandkids (despite all the nature-type stuff I generally post online, I actually prefer “people” shots, but I’m ultra-leery of posting pictures of kids), as well as these two photos:

Wet Poppy Bud

Wet Poppy Bud

(This shot would be just about perfect, in my opinion, if there were just a little bit of orange splitting through the bud.)



I have no idea what to expect at the competition/exhibit. I’ve never attended it, and I’ve certainly never entered anything. In fact, the only time I can ever remember entering anything in any kind of art competition was the junior high art show, in which I submitted a sort of miniature general store diarama (is that spellt right?) that I put together from a kit and a string art sailboat (remember when string art was popular?). I got a ribbon for the string art, which didn’t take me nearly as long to do as the diarama.

Anyway, the exhibit starts April 12. I’m anxious to see what everyone else has submitted.


Carmelo Talks


Tiny Whites



May Apples

* — This is not an endorsement of either candidate (they’re not from my town, anyway). I just liked the names/words and the colors!

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