Except where noted, the photos on this bloggie were taken by me and, as such, belong to me. If you are interested in posting any of my photos anywhere else on the World Wide Web and/or using them in any other manner, you should ask me nicely — and, if I say yes (which I probably will ’cause I’m easy), you should also credit me as the photographer. (Most of the photos I post have been reduced in size; if you ask me nicely enough, there’s a chance that I will e-mail you the full-sized JPEG!)

Most of my photos have been taken with a Kodak 6490 that I almost dropped into the Grand Canyon back in May of 2006 or my Olympus C-5000 “work” camera; I have been using both digital cameras since early 2004 and have been very pleased with the results. Occasionally, I will dip into the archives and post a picture that was taken using one of the “film cameras” from my past, which have included a handful of Minolta X-370s, a couple of Nikon 8008s and a Canon Elan II EOS.

I took thousands of pictures using various SLRs over the years, but as much as I enjoyed — and miss! — the whole process of shooting, developing and printing, I would not give up digital photography for film. I appreciate instant gratification, and I have (almost) always been someone who likes to shoot A LOT of pictures … at least since my first news editor, John Racine, told me, “Shoot as many pictures as you can. Film is cheap!” (Memory cards are not necessarily cheap, but there’s lots of space on them, and you can always delete as you go along.)

My header photo — unless/until I decide I want another one! — is a picture of mother and baby Atlantic bottlenose dolphins taken in January 2007 at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Fla.