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Wheat Silhouette

I don’t know why I have developed such a fondness for wheat fields — except for, perhaps, that line in The Little Prince in which the fox tells the little prince that despite his sadness over the prince’s departure, getting to know the prince has done the fox good “because of the color of the wheat fields,” which remind him of the color of the prince’s hair.

On a related-yet-not note: I happened upon some random network’s showing of Children of the Corn last weekend and found myself rather amused by certain parts.

Back in the day, back when I used to read books, I enjoyed reading Stephen King novels. I have always appreciated his use of details, so for a period of time (junior high through college), I read as many Stephen King books as I could check out of the library at any given time. My favorites were The Shining and The Stand, and, of course, at some point, I read Children of the Corn. And never found it particularly amusing.

Whilst flipping over to the movie, however, I found the “children’s” tendency to leave corn stalks and husks at the sites of their various misdeeds and mayhem to be quite funny. In an, “Oh, look, there are corn husks and other debris sticking out of that car they just vandalized!”-sorta way.

OK, so it’s not really funny at all, now that I think about it, but it certainly wasn’t scary, either. Again, though, back in the day, I can remember being absolutely petrified when I dropped off Teresa at her house and then had to drive the two or three miles back to the highway on a country road with corn fields on both sides.

“Just think of this while you’re headed home,” she told me one night. “Children of the Corn!”

Again, though: This is wheat.

Wheat Stalks

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