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This weekend, for me, has mostly been about staying inside and keeping warm.

Not that it was all that cold on Friday or Saturday, but for some reason, the only “going out” I did was popping by Diane’s house after work to play with the kiddos for a while, and then, on Saturday, going out to eat at the Nostalgia Grill, followed by a trip to CVS and Wal-Mart. Today it was quite frigid — though nothing like the 1 degree/minus-14 wind-chill that Patti and everyone else in Chicago is experiencing — but still, I managed to go outside only to go play tennis.

And tennis was rather … interesting. You see, I’ve actually been playing really well this winter, and I’m not sure why, but somehow I’ve been managing to keep the ball on the court … which seems easy, but for me — with my horrible footwork and my tendency to lose my patience and go for a winner rather than keep the ball in play and allow my opponent(s) to make a mistake — is certainly no cakewalk.

Today, though, I played rather poorly. Coupled with the fact that I was determined not to let any cusswords fly while I was playing … well, I let my racket fly, instead, a few times, and generally yelled and screamed at myself and, somehow, miraculously, Diane and I managed to win the second set.

Hopefully, I will play better Tuesday evening.

I did see a great movie Saturday night: Stand by Me, which, of course, I’ve already seen: I saw it at the Will Rogers Theatre in Charleston when it first came out (1986), with Patti and Leslie, I believe. And I’ve seen bits and pieces of the film on TV, at various times over the years, but oddly enough, I’m not sure I had ever seen the opening scene, with “The Writer” (Richard Dreyfuss) in his car, looking at the newspaper article telling how his buddy, Chris Chambers, had been stabbed to death.

Maybe it was because I was really, really tired last night when the movie came on — I’d stayed up until 11 to watch House on USA — but this time, watching Stand by Me, I was struck by how serious and sad the film really is. I mean, it’s very funny and sweet in some places, but last night, mostly, it made me feel sad. Partly because it reminded me how good of an actor River Phoenix was.

After the movie, I almost stayed up even longer because I saw that Dead Poets Society was coming on, but common sense prevailed.

For part of this morning and afternoon, I watched three episodes of Band of Brothers on the History Channel. At the moment, I’m half-listening to Saving Private Ryan. I wouldn’t classify myself as a fan of “war movies” per se, but sometimes I am compelled to watch them. And don’t get me started on those afternoons, many years back, when I’d watch China Beach repeats on Lifetime — after I’d already watched an episode of thirtysomething.

Talk about one of the more depressing periods of my life!

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