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I cannot remember a year in which I have had less interest in the Academy Awards.

No doubt it’s because of all the movies I didn’t see this year, the one I did see, Atonement, was one that, in my not-so-humble opinion, was a HUGE disappointment. I mean, it had the potential to be great, and the first hour or so was pretty good, but then … it’s almost as if the writer(s) or the director or someone decided, Hmmm, we really don’t have anywhere left to go, so let’s haul Vanessa Redgrave out here and wrap it all up, pronto!

The blonde-headed girl (as a kid) and the main guy were pretty good in the movie, but there was no real chemistry — or true building of the relationship — between him and Keira Knightley … whose main task, it seemed, was to stand with her shoulders thrust back, no matter what else was going on.

Atonement was advertised as an “epic romance” on par with Titanic.

As I told The Lovely: “That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.” Sadly, the film was neither “epic” nor “romantic.” (Thankfully, Atonement wasn’t nearly as long as Titanic — which, as you know, I have watched numerous times, thanks to my compulsion to tune in every time it’s on TV.)

Oddly enough, however, I find myself, at this very moment, half-watching/listening to the Academy Awards show. And I’m not-so-secretly thrilled that Javier Bardem just won Best Supporting Actor for No Country for Old Men, even though I didn’t see it — mostly because I did see The Dancer Upstairs a few years back, and I realized then that he had a certain something about him.

Oh, and if I were a voting member of the Academy: Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack to the film Into the Wild would have been nominated for something! I mean, it’s wonderful — a nearly perfect album for driving!

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