Today we have had a mix of what I like to call “sneet” (snow + sleet) and a new one I just coined, “f’rain” (freezing + rain … or, perhaps I could call it “f’f’rain,” with a certain unmentionable F-word taking the place of that first “f” … depending, of course, on your perspective).

Snow days are fun if you teach or have a job that can be pre-empted or postponed until tomorrow, not so much fun if you happen to work for a newspaper. Although, generally and oddly enough, the combination of hazardous icy roads and the potential to be “snowed-in” together tends to put people in surprisingly good moods.

Go figure.

A couple of women, Kathy and Other Diana (a.k.a. Dirty D) at work whipped up a salad and some BLT’s for lunch. Afterwards, Sheila suggested that perhaps we should have “rationed” our food … y’know, just in case we really did find ourselves snowed-in together, without any electricity or food.

“We’re not exactly the kind of people who ration food,” I declared, chomping on the third-from-last Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookie from the pack Alice had given me.

The roads are slick. I hope I do not have to get out again today/tonight.

And why is it that every time I’m snowed-in, I get a craving for spaghetti — and never seem to have all the fixin’s I need?!