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2 White Crocuses

Crocuses & School Sign

OK, so the only 2006 film I saw that was nominated for a Best Picture-related honor at last night’s Academy Awards was Cars. And it got beat out by that silly Happy Feet. Which, OK, I admit, I didn’t see … but my sister HATED Happy Feet. HATED it — with the kind of hatred I have witnessed only once in recent memory: Yes, she HATED Vanilla Sky — which, admittedly, I loved, so perhaps our movie tastes aren’t all that much in line, but still.

Happy Feet over Cars? Say it ain’t so.

Oh, and kudos to Helen Mirren, who has been a favorite of mine since Joe Anne got me hooked on that Prime Suspect series on PBS. (Still haven’t seen the series finale. Grrr!) And to former Fast Times guy Forest Whitaker.

A few years ago, Sheila gave me this cool little book called Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English by Patricia T. O’Conner. It’s a pretty nifty handbook for people like me who like to string words together, occasionally, and want to construct complete sentences and get the punctuation just right.

Except when I don’t.

I like the book ’cause it’s straightforward and not very long, and the author has a relatively good sense of humor — Chapter 6, for example, is titled “Comma Sutra: The Joy of Punctuation.” And did I mention the book isn’t very long?

Yesterday, I awoke with the phrase, “Woe is me,” in my head. Of course, I visualized it as “Whoa is me”; nevertheless, it reminded me of the book, so I got to thumbing through Woe Is I and forgot, momentarily, about what was on my mind.

I had this “Woe/Whoa is me/I” mentality because I was feeling the proverbial weight of the world and worrying about things that were beyond my control (and others that were very much IN my control … or had been, at one point), and I started to feel as if nothing would ever be right or “normal” again. As if I were a victim in the cruel scheme of life.

The thing is, I was a victim once. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. And I know it was absolutely not my fault, and that there was nothing I could have done differently to prevent it.

And I learned from it. Oh, did I learn from it.

I shook off the “Woe is me” blues and decided that any obstacle in front of me is simply a challenge waiting to be taken on. And, guess what: I’m up for it.

Now watching: West Side Story on TCM (yes, the mild fascination with Natalie Wood continues … but I’m not so fascinated that I’m not going back to bed ’cause, honestly, it’s way too early to be up on a Sunday … plus I have more cupcakes to bake, later).

What a pleasant surprise to wake up (kinda early, but not really) on a dreary, rainy Saturday morning to find one of my favorite movies, Love Actually, playing on USA. Even if it’s sort of a Christmas movie, and it’s not yet enough of a favorite that I already know all the key lines or whatever.

And maybe I’ve said it before, but the scene in which Karen (Emma Thompson) reacts to receiving the Joni Mitchell CD is so perfectly right on and devastating … damn. Really, though, I really really like the entire film. Especially Alan Rickman. And Bill Nighy. And all those other Brits … including the guy who loves Juliet (Keira Knightley) but realizes there’s pretty much absolutely nothing he can do about it: “Enough. Enough now.”

Yuck, rain.

Yay, movies!

I don’t bake all that often. Last time I baked a cake was … well, about this time last year. Before that? I honestly don’t remember. I even skipped out on baking last Thanksgiving’s pumpkin pies, once I realized the ones at Wally World were reasonable facsimiles.

Talk about slacking. I was the one who had decided I would carry on the tradition of Grandma Ginny’s pumpkin pies, and I didn’t even last two years. Sorry excuse, I am, sometimes.

I decided to go all out for this weekend’s birthday bash, though, what with the yellow AND confetti cakes. But, get this: I decided to bake a layer cake with the yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting, and cupcakes with the confetti mix. Ooh, la la!

Turns out The Lovely decided to pitch in with some decorations, so I ended up with SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick confetti cakes … or, as I dubbed ’em, SpongeCakes!


Then I ran out of SpongeBobs and Patricks, so I resorted to some leftover peace signs from the Scooby-Doo decorations. (This reminds me of Jane, mostly ’cause of the purple.)

Peace Sign Cupcake

Oh, and the layer cake turned out to be pretty nifty, too, but it wasn’t as photogenic.

Turns out Shannon wants me to help him make some cupcakes on Sunday for him to take to school Monday. Bake on!

Deer & Barn

Running Deer

Deer X'ing

2 Deer


Pending birthday celebrations necessitated a trip to Wal-Jack this evening. Because I am trying to cut down on any extra-curricular spending, I went with a pretty specific list; it wasn’t written down or anything, but it was set in my head:

  • Kitty litter
  • Yellow cake mix
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Eggs

Before I made it to the Pets section, though, I thought I’d take a gander at the Home & Garden department. Just to see if they had any cool-looking plants. And I found a pot that had daffodils, hyacinths and some tiny purple irises in it.

Oh, and some of these — so I just HAD to have it:

Purple Crocuses

Crocus Closeup

And then Carmelo got in on the act:

Carmelo & Flowers

Mitty, of course, was stuck inside, but trust me: She doesn’t like being outdoors, and she despises other cats. (It was all good.)

Mitty in the Window

For the record, I ended up sticking to my list, except for the plant. Oh, and I did pick up a “confetti” cake and some white icing, for those guests who don’t care for yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Longhorn Tongue

Longhorn Eating

Brown Longhorn & Calf

Longhorns & Calf

Young Longhorn

Longhorn Tongue

The weather has been lovely here for the past two days.

Today, one of the country roads took me to a lane. I was leery because a portion of yesterday’s travels took me down the potholiest terrain imaginable, but today, all of the roads were quite nice.

I stopped midway down the lane because I realized it was a dead-end.

Then I saw something staring at me, so I started shooting. (I stopped after 15 or so ’cause the deer was not moving at all … and I started to wonder if maybe it was one o’ those yard-art faux deer that some people put out front … and then I thought how funny that might be if anyone in either of the houses happened to be watching me … but then the deer turned its head and wagged its tail … so I resumed shooting.)

I didn’t notice the turkeys in the background until later when I was looking at my pictures on the computer screen.

Deer & Turkeys

So, what’re you giving up for Lent?

I hadn’t given it much any thought, really (ooooh, LOVE that nifty strike-through feature!), but then, whilst drying off a few minutes ago, decided: Mmmmm, chocolate!

Then I remembered I have to bake The Lovely a yellow cake with chocolate icing this weekend for her birthday.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust ANY cook who won’t eat her own cooking!

(You know, if I thought about it long enough, I could probably find a loophole for just about anything.)

Anyhoo, I’ve got until sunset, right? To decide on the Lent thing? Right?

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