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I have a weather story of my own to share from Tuesday evening, and I’ll jot a few lines about it sometime, but elsewhere that night, a tornado hit the campus of Union University in Jackson, TN, where my friend and former colleague Tim Ellsworth works.

If you’re interested in making a donation to Union, there’s an address at the bottom of Tim’s latest blog post. And, obviously, if you’re so inclined, prayers would be appreciated, too.

So, as I mentioned earlier (didn’t I?), I headed into today thinking I might give up pop/soda and cussing for Lent. Then I decided if I wanted to do this Lenten season justice, I would give up one less-than-healthy beverage OR one bad habit so I could focus fully on that ONE thing.

I realized that I have already cut down considerably on soda — at most, I have two per day, after previously drinking as many as five or six Coca-Colas or Pepsis a day (not often, but occasionally) — so I reasoned that cutting out curse/swear/what-my-mom-would-call “bad” words from my vocabulary would be a true challenge. And it’s not as if I cuss all that much … or so I thought!

I reeled off an F-bomb — used in its -ing form as an adjective — without even realizing it, barely an hour into work. I used the D-word later in the morning — again, as an adjective and without even giving it a second thought — and the A-word as part of a compound word shortly after lunch. Then, this evening, whilst attempting to knock down some cobwebs, I managed to make even more of a mess … prompting several utterances, under my breath and to no one in particular (since I was the only one there!), of F-bombs.

I really thought I didn’t cuss that often … and, truthfully, I really don’t (do I?), but now I’m thinking that perhaps this was the perfect choice of something to give up for Lent.

If today is any indication, this is going to be a difficult 40 days!

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