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A “runny babbit”* in the clover this afternoon in my back yard and a giant ichneumons wasp on Anita’s tennis racket tonight at the courts:

Runny Babbit 1

Runny Babbit 2

Yellowhead 1

Yellowhead 2

* — That’s what my stepcousin (or is she my stepniece?) Jana used to call bunny rabbits when she was little!


Today, I went on the Akin motor route with Sheila.

It was fun!

Running Goats

Goat Eating

Open Tree





Blue Truck & Barn

Horse & Barn

Vinson Road

Wild Canaries


Buildings & Rust

Red & Green


Shed Door Closeup

Shed Door Closeup 2

Poison Ivy

The good news is, I can now immeDIately recognize that vile weed, poison ivy. Plus, I’m working hard to learn the characteristics of poison oak and poison sumac, as well.

The bad news is, I have several clusters of poison ivy growing in my back yard and possibly a batch or two of poison oak. And, who knows, perhaps some poison sumac, too!

Actually, I think I had a bit of poison something on the back of my right leg a couple of weeks ago. If so, I “caught” it the day of the storm when I was out trying to shoot The Last Hurrah of this year’s dogwood blooms: I saw a bunch of white flowers on a tree in a small patch of “residential woods,” so I waded into the weeds to get close enough for a decent photo — and then I looked down, just in time to see random growths of poison ivy nearby. I snapped a shot or two and then tiptoed out, hoping I’d avoided any contact … and I believe I did, mostly.

Then, of course, along came The Day of the Ticks, and ever since then I’ve been too busy scratching various tick bites to notice any previous skin irritations!

No, actually, I am pleased to report I have found no more ticks.

I also learned, from Sheila and Joe Mac and various other experts, that those likely weren’t deer ticks I found yesterday, merely baby “regular” ticks, or nymphs.

Still: I have itchy spots where I found the ticks.

And: I have no desire to go play outside anytime soon.

Luckily: It’s s’posed to rain all day tomorrow.


I like the idea of being an outdoorsy girl, but the truth of the matter is, I am not.

This afternoon, I found a tick on my thigh. A tiny tick, probably a deer tick — yes, the ones that, with one bite, can infect a person with Lyme disease. I checked various other body parts and found no more ticks, so I proclaimed myself tick-free. Besides, I hadn’t been out tromping in, around or even near any woodsy areas today; my closest venture to nature was through a couple of vacant lots here in town, on my way to shoot pictures of a house fire.

This evening, I found a tick on my stomach, two more on my lower calves (damn tube socks) and one on my shoulder.


Now, according to, I have to monitor myself over the next few days for any of the following symptoms:

  • Feel as if you have the flu
  • Fever
  • Numbness
  • Rash
  • Confusion (hmm …)
  • Weakness
  • Pain and swelling in joints
  • Palpitations (I’m having a few right now over the discovery of TICKS!)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea and vomiting

If I’d found “lethargy” and “irritability” on that list, I’d have pronounced myself already stricken — before I had found any signs of ticks! (Damn flaky weather!)

Anyway, that’s it: I’m staying inside the rest of the year.

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