Random List I Found on the First Page of a (Slightly) Used Reporter’s Notebook in My Bottom-Left Desk Drawer at Work

so much green
snake — quicker than I
hike-no bike
my legs itch

No clue when (or why) I wrote this. Could have been written at the lake — “knife” and “hike-no bike” reminds me of what I would have had in my pocket as I walked on the bike trail, on which I have never ridden a bicycle. Or, perhaps, whilst I was sitting at a picnic table near the golf course (for some reason, “so much green” reminds me of being there — not on the course, of course, but on the lawn where I was sitting).

And what made me misspell “dandelion”?

One wonders …

I took part in a conversation earlier today in which I advised someone NOT to take things personally. It was a friendly discussion, and the reply I received was that taking something personally was part of caring. I replied that it is possible to care — quite much, even — about something without taking it personally.

What do YOU think?