Too sleepy to blog properly this evening, but I did want to note for posterity that today was a gorgeous day, weather-wise. Not sure what the “high” was, but I believe the mercury rose to somewhere in the 50s!

(I knew NOT wearing longjohns to work was a good idea!)

I even found myself looking for crocuses (croci? Jim Croce?), even though I know it’s far too early in the year. Or is it? I might have to backtrack to determine when they usually bloom.

Anyhoo, thoughts of spring give me optimism. I know it’s a long way off — the technician at Super Lube told me it’s supposed to get cold again this weekend — but it’s much easier to be hopeful at this time of year than, say, November.

(Also for posterity: Kiddle is currently curled up on my lap with her nose pressed against my right thumb as I type. Not the easiest way to write a post, but … whatcha gonna do? I mean, she’s purring as if she’s the happiest cat in the world!)