1. Life isn’t fair.

2. People are idiots.

3. Rules 1 and 2 are pretty much interchangeable.

OK, I’m not as cranky as I might seem. In fact, I have been meaning to give a few shout-outs (even though I’m pretty sure I’m not crazy about the term “shout-outs”) to some people who have been especially good about listening to me rant/vent about current events over the last week-and-a-half or so — just as they’ve been pretty much great about listening to me rant/vent over pretty much whatever, lo these many years.

So, to Patti, Tee-Hee and, above all, Mom: Thank you.

It’s so easy, sometimes, to get caught up in My Little Life. I make a big deal out of trying to hold my head up, keep my eyes open and see the world around me, but often it gets entirely too convenient to view everything, instead, with tunnel vision.

Sometimes I do it out of self-preservation. I mean, if you pay close attention, you realize that, at almost any point, someone’s life is falling apart, to some degree. Do I want to get caught up in the drama? (Usually not.) Is it possible to stay involved yet keep myself separate from it all? (Usually not entirely … but I try my best.)

Occasionally, I wish I had all the answers. Of course, that, too, would be a nightmare because then, everyone would be coming to me for the answers.