That’s how I spent my Wednesday morning a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to post some pics for … well, a few days now, but slacking has gotten the better of me.

That and the Olympics, of course. And I, indeed, have managed to see badminton (mixed doubles is a wicked event!) and kayaking, along with a whole lotta other sports (mostly beach volleyball, it seems; it’s ALWAYS on).

Leading me to proclaim that handball seems to be the sorriest sport ever. I mean, you don’t need the quickness of a soccer player, yet the field is set up in a similar manner; also, you don’t need the skills of a basketball player — and the goal is, like, a hundred times bigger!

(In my next life, I will be a world-class 800-meter runner. Or maybe the 400. Something that requires stamina and speed, both of which — especially the latter — I have been sorely lacking my entire life!)

Anyhoo, I did a ride-along with the local police chief as we learned more about railroad crossing safety. I was shocked to learn, later, that the police had ticketed 20 drivers for RR violations during a four-hour or so span.

I also learned that, if the lights are a-flashin’ and you can see and “hear that train a-comin'” and an officer is within sight: You’d better wait to cross.

Just sayin’ …