I really want to be The Best at something.

Not sure what, really. I suppose it’s all part of The Figuring Out What I Wanna Be/Do When I Grow Up dilemma.

I just know I want to be The Best at it … whatever “it” is.

Could be related to the whole Rafael Nadal-winning-Wimbledon thing. I was particularly inspired by something he said right after the match, how it was a dream simply to play there, and how the feeling of happiness from winning the tournament was something he had never even imagined.

Ya no es un sueño …

* — What a coinky-dinky that, before logging in to write a post titled “Mediocrity” — which also was the title of a song written (and performed on many an Open Mic Night) by my college roommate Leslie’s long-ago boyfriend — I found a couple of comments awaiting moderation, and one of the comments was by Leslie herself!