Easter occurred far too early this spring. I wasn’t prepared for it, really, but given my success (or lack thereof) in sticking to what I had given up for Lent … well, perhaps it was a blessing that Easter fell in March rather than mid-April.

This sign caught my attention as I drove through Strasburg en route to The Ville:

He Is Risen

Once I got to my parents’ house, I got to meet Yolanda, Delra’s super-cute new Yaris.

Yolanda & Delra

We all ate lots of food, and we talked and laughed a lot, as we usually do at our family gatherings.

Outside, there were birds.


Bird in Dogwood

The only moment that annoyed me was when Mom got all fussy (just for a second) over where I had parked my car out front and insisted that I park in the back, instead, to leave room for the others. So I moved my car to the carport in front of the small garage.

Then, hours later, when I got in my car to leave, I looked down at the wet pavement and saw my dad’s initials and the year he put them in the concrete — which originally served as the floor of a dog pen in which we kept our beagles, Pat and Mike. (I just barely remember them, but I’ll never forget their names!)

I had never before seen the initials. After my parents gave away the beagles, the pen and the shed next to it were used for storage for many, many years before my parents went on a major backyard renovation project over the last two or three years.

It felt good to be reminded of Dad.

HW 1967