Well, guess what: I didn’t win the HGTV Dream Home.

I thought I wouldn’t find out until tomorrow (March 19) that I hadn’t won it, but turns out the announcement was made Sunday (March 16). So, for at least two full days now, I’ve been thinking I might still have a chance. (Actually, I was pretty sure the winner was going to be announced Sunday, but then someone convinced me the date was Wednesday, and so I convinced myself that there was STILL hope, even when I hadn’t heard anything by this past weekend. Bummer.)

I’ve entered the sweepstakes when the dream home was located in North Carolina and Colorado — I even convinced myself, last year, that I COULD learn to ski! — but when I found out this year’s home was on Islamorada in the Florida Keys, I was certain I was going to win. I mean, who loves the Keys more than I do … besides Diane?

I actually liked last year’s house better, architecturally speaking, but geographically: yeah, this should’ve been my year.

Plus, I LOVE this home’s kitchen!

Meanwhile, back at the Southern Illinois ranch, rain has fallen all night and all day, and my back yard is a lake. And it’s supposed to keep raining for another umpteen hours.

And as I sit here, I’m afraid I’m breaking the 10th commandment … at least when it comes to my neighbors in Iowa who won the 2008 Dream Home!