Watched Part 1 of the season finale of Monk Friday night. Wasn’t overly impressed: It seemed rather dark, overall, but the second time through, I appreciated it more. And my Tony Shalhoub appreciation continues! Psych, too, was good; had to chuckle when Shawn said “Snuffleupagus” instead of “sarcophagus.” Fairly clever dialogue in this one, usually.

Started watching The Lion in Winter on Saturday. Didn’t get to see all of it — I was needed for a shopping excursion! — but can you really go wrong with a film that includes Katharine Hepburn and Anthony Hopkins? I think not. I will have to rent this one, sometime.

Watched True Grit Sunday morning. I had seen this movie over at my dad’s when I was a little bitty kid, and I remembered the part where Kim Darby falls into the rattlesnake pit as being a lot scarier way back then. John Wayne rocks, Glen Campbell was pretty good, too, and speaking of “can’t go wrong”: Robert Duvall is good in anything/everything.

Started to watch A River Runs through It tonight but (mistakenly) abandoned it for Cold Case … which I pretty much can no longer watch because, well, it seems everything has already been done … which is pretty much the reason none of the C.S.I. shows are currently on my watch list.

Watched Dexter for the first time tonight, and I can see what all the hype’s about. Michael C. Hall was great in Six Feet Under and is even better in this. Not that I’m much of a fan of serial killers, though.

On an unrelated note:

When did the weekends start getting so short? And when, pray tell, will spring ever get here?