1. I like to think I am pretty good at handling criticism.

2. I believe that handling criticism would be relatively easy if an occasional compliment were given. Ever.

3. I am not very good at handling criticism.


Happily, it is rather difficult for me to stay annoyed when, as I am retrieving garbage bags and toilet paper (!!) from the ice-covered trunk of my car, I get “threatened” by my neighbor: a Pomeranian whom I had not yet met!

Then, once inside my house, I find a very sweet, handmade — with the help of Mom’s ultra-fancy computer program — Valentine from my parents. Mom even used a stamp that has a hummingbird drinking from a hibiscus!

(I do not remember my mom ever criticizing me. I am certain she must have, somewhere along the line, but I really do not recall it ever happening. I am certain, too, that she is a far better mother than I am a daughter.)