I go outside some days thinking there won’t be anything to shoot, but there always is.

And my obsession with dogwoods continues …


And I got a shot of the birdie who (apparently) lost this feather, and believe me, it was not a pretty sight.

Feather & Snow

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the snow followed by sleet followed by freezing rain made for a 40-minute (counting warm-up time) “project” of clearing the ice and snow off my car this morning — after which my car acted as if it wanted to be STUCK, but fortunately, I got it going a little forward, then a little backward, then a little forward and then … well, UNstuck.

No school here today or tomorrow, which is lucky because Diane is coming down with the flu for the second time in a month. And she got a stinkin’ flu shot! (Go figure.)

I hope it’s warm where you are.