I arrived at The Lovely’s to find that Shane had managed to get his remote control airplane caught in one of the highest branches of a tulip tree (at least I think it’s a tulip tree; I’m pretty sure I looked it up once upon a time, but at the moment, I’m too lazy to look it up again). Shane tried throwing a skateboard (minus the wheels) and a tennis ball to try to dislodge the plane from the branches, but somehow, the plane was wedged in very well, with branches stuck between its wings and horizontal stabilizer (I did look that up, just now: it’s the thing that looks like a little wing at the very back of the plane).

I decided to go outside and “help” with the rescue attempt. I tried throwing a partially deflated mini-basketball at the plane but managed to hit it only once or twice. Shane shimmied halfway up the tree, and then I spent most of my efforts “rebounding” the ball after he’d throw it and miss his target. He also attempted to shake the branches, but they simply wouldn’t let go of the plane.

“I’ve gotta get a picture of this!” I told him as I whipped out the cell phone.

And wouldn’t you know it: I took this picture — and this is the throw that knocked the plane out of the tree and safely to the ground! (I’ve still got it — even with a cell phone camera!)

You have to look closely, but you can see the yellow plane about to be hit by the black ball, just to the right of it.

Shane in a Tree

Then Shane made it back down the tree, and the plane was none the worse for wear … whatever that means.

Shane Climbing

Shane's Plane