It has been a few days (weeks?) since I promised some Keys photos.

This handsome guy (gal?) showed up on the sidewalk on the way to the pool at our hotel. True to form, I didn’t even notice him until Diane said, “Oh, look: A crab!” (I am nothing if not observant.)

Sun on Water

One of the best parts about Key West is watching the sun set (almost) every night.

One night, Diane and I headed to Mallory Square to watch the event along with all the other tourists who gather each evening. When we arrived, though, we found a huge cruise ship docked there, blocking the view of the sunset for a good portion of the area. (Apparently, there were two or three ships at the docks that night.)

Karl called to tell us they had found a spot between two of the ships and said to hurry over there. We started walking in that direction but were unable to get through because that part of the dock was locked. We went back to the first dock and tried to wedge ourselves between the crowd to get a view of the fast-approaching sunset. Unfortunately, we had to stand three or four back, and I started pouting because I knew I wasn’t going to get a clear view for a picture.

“We should try to walk around to get to where Karl is,” I fumed. “I can’t get any good shots from here!”

“There’s not enough time,” Diane said, pointing to the sun. “Let’s just watch the sunset and enjoy it.”

I fumed some more, silently … and then, just as the sun was about to go under a cloud — thus ending any hopes of a “perfect sunset” — I climbed up on a chair and clicked off three or four shots, hoping I could just get something.

Sailboat at Sunset

(For the record: Just minutes before sunset, one of the cruise ships moved right in front of Karl and the rest of the gang, obliterating their view!)

Another one of my favorite activities is going to the Dolphin Research Center.

The day Diane and I went, however, the Keys were setting record lows for temperatures. The wind was bitterly cold coming off the water, but I was determined to get some good dolphin photos.

Can’t help it: I love them!

Dolphin Pals

I almost always take a picture of this Tennyson quote at the AIDS Memorial at Higgs Beach:


Diane and I took a walk to the beach near our hotel. A couple at the beach asked me to take their picture, so I did, and then we had them take our picture.

Di & Diane

Right after that, another couple asked me to take their picture … but before I did, the guy’s hat went flying off his head and into the ocean! He jumped down into the water and retrieved it … and then I went ahead and took the picture! (I had also snapped one of him going after his cap — but that photo is on his camera, not mine!)

Anyhoo, I realize I’ve been slacking on blogging for the past few weeks (months?), and I have set sort of a mini-goal in honor of this being a Leap February and all: To write a little something every day of this month.

It’s only 29 days …