OK, so it’s the night before the night before we’re leaving for Key West. A Friday night, and I’m done with work for the next 10 days, so I decide I need to give myself a haircut — just a trim, prior to embarking on our journey.

And all goes well until right at the end when I notice a few stray strands that need to be cut. I reach for the scissors, but then I notice the clippers (minus any of the guards) are lying there, so why not use those?


I glance in the mirror. I have a perfect stripe — basically, a clean cut almost to the scalp! — along my right temple.

“Oh, noooooooo,” I mutter. And then: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

I mean, I’m leaving for Florida day after tomorrow! Who cares if my hair is a little, uh, uneven?

For a second or two, I consider giving myself a stripe on the left side, too, just to balance it out, but I figure I won’t get it right. Then I wonder if maybe I should just shave both sides … but quickly decide, uh, no: Been there, done that … and it’s a story for another bloggie post, perhaps.

Anyhoo, I have pictures to post from my trip, and perhaps even a few observations to write about. At the moment, though, I am recovering from a raging sinus infection and am in no mood to spend too much time at the computer. (Don’t worry about me, though: I’ve got some good drugs.)

I did learn a few things over the past month or day or so:

1. There is no on/off switch for grief.

2. No matter how much I resist, I am compelled to watch at least a portion of Titanic every time I see that it’s on TV.

3. Never use clippers without the guards … unless you don’t mind having stripes and other assorted patches of no-hair on your head!