My little buddy Jenn died today in a car wreck.

I have so many memories and snippets of conversations and other … just stuff that I wanna write about her and me and our friendship, but at the moment all I can think about is how sad I am, and how much I’m gonna miss her. (It really is all about me, isn’t it? Well, except when it isn’t, and I know a lot of people are sad right now, and they’re all gonna miss Jenn. If you knew her, even casually, you loved her.)

I saw her the day before Thanksgiving. We had lunch together at The Buzz: Never mind that it was the day before Thanksgiving, we both ordered turkey-and-Swiss sandwiches on baguettes; she got hers without onions. I drank a Coke and she drank a cup of coffee.

Jenn Coffee

We talked about her move back to the area. She hadn’t found a job yet, but she wasn’t too worried about it because she had put in several applications. She and I had met when we were co-workers, actually, so I knew that she was a dependable, diligent employee (I’d given a potential employer a glowing recommendation about her earlier that day, in fact).

I asked her if she was seeing anyone special, and she sorta gave me a look; later on, she told me about a girl she had been friends with in high school, and how they had rekindled their friendship (and more) over the past few days.

She was happy.

I had no idea this would be the last time I would ever see her alive, or that this would be the last picture of her I would ever take.

Smiling Jenn