On the tree in my back yard:

Maple Leafs & House

Maple Leaf 1

Maple Leaf 2

All the leaves are decidedly not brown.

Meanwhile, I have all kinds of words inside of me, sort of ready to come tumbling out, but every time I sit down to write, I’m not in the mood to write. (“‘Not in the mood?’ Well, you GET in the mood!” — George, to Jerry, after Jerry tells him he’s “not in the mood” to discuss the details of his latest conquest.)

For example, I need to write about Little Kiddle’s sleep-over last week and how much fun we had … and how I went to see a cool movie called Into the Wild over the weekend … and how I’ve already started my Christmas shopping! … and, as usual, I need to be out taking more pictures … of course, that, too, keeps me from writing on a semi-regular basis (but that, too, is not really a valid excuse … just a convenient one).

Now, however, I’m too sleepy to get into it all.