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On Saturday, whilst driving the tennis team to Principia College — a school that is located in The Actual Middle of Nowhere (part of it does overlook the Mississippi River, however) — I happened upon this tiny village called Elsah.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to wander all the way up and down Elsah’s few streets, but I did snap a few shots of a shed that caught my attention.

Shed in Elsah

Gourds in Elsah

Something about Elsah — the houses and other buildings, the flowers, even the weather (chilly and overcast, but not unpleasant) — reminded me of walking from Vernon to Giverny on the way to Monet’s house back in 2001.

Hawk Closeup 

Sunday morning, Diane looks out her living-room window and sees Kiddle getting ready to pounce on something. Diane takes a closer look and realizes it’s red-tailed HAWK that the energetic (if not necessarily the brightest) kitty-cat is fixin’ to attack. She calls to Kiddle and shoos the hawk away — with its prey, a squirrel.

(I might add here that Kiddle got HER first squirrel — that I know of — over the weekend. Last weekend, she got her first bird.)

Then Diane calls me, and I head over with camera in hand. Got within five or six feet of the hawk as it dined on its kill at the vacant house across the street before the bird flew up to a nearby tree. I walked over to the tree, and the hawk flew to another tree. I repeated this process two or three times, hoping to send the hawk on its way back to the wilderness and away from the animals in THIS neighborhood.

Hawk with Prey

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