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And it’s 9:13 and I’m thinking about bed. Because I’m sleepy. And I’ve been sleepy almost all day.

The Cubs are done. Lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-1 to lose the division series 3-0. Swept.

I’m disappointed, but not overly so. Mostly because I have seen enough horrible seasons by the Cubs to appreciate one in which they go from worst to first. (Karl says, “It’s all about championships,” but I beg to differ. I want my team to win more of their 162 regular-season games than they lose, and then, if they can put together a postseason run, that’s even better.)

Mostly, I’m sad because Patti & Bob had tickets to tomorrow’s game. Plus Karl had gotten two tickets to the National League Championship Series. Oh, well.

I played tennis today. Not particularly well, but it felt good to get out on the court, even if it was surprisingly hot outside. I’m not going to complain, though: Soon enough, it will be annoyingly cold. (Sorry to keep bringing it up, but it’s true.)

[Just got a MySpace comment from Deb … and if that’s not enough to make a person smile, I don’t know what is!]

Speaking of MySpace: The Eurogliders FINALLY put the song “Heaven” on their site. Which just so happened to be one of the songs from that extra-cool mix tape I swiped from my sister sometime during the mid-1980s. (It also contained such songs as “Close to Me” by the Cure and “The Ghost in You” by the Psychedelic Furs … which reminds me: I STILL have no idea what happened to my Furs CD!) Anyhoo, I’m quite happy to be able to have “Heaven” playing on my site now that I’ve had to let “Go, Cubs, Go” go.

And I almost feel healthy. And, fortunately, I seem to have lost (or perhaps misplaced) that odd, overwhelming sense of dread I had been feeling.

Oh, and I’ve been having rather eventful dreams here lately. Sensual, even, plus the ever-present hint of adventure. (And no, I’m not taking any NyQuil or Benadryl prior to retiring for the evening. Like I’d even need it, sleepy as I’ve been.)

OK, I’m off to bed. After a few more minutes of TV. And a snack: 4 Hershey’s miniature candy bars and some skim milk. (I’m calci-loading.)

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