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Name this former member of The Monkees:

Peter Tork Jams

Yes, of course, that’s Peter Tork. He and his band, Shoe Suede Blues, played Saturday afternoon at the Cedarhurst Craft Fair.

I had intended to attend the craft fair anyway. I always try to make it up there — not so much to buy any of the arts & crafts on display, but to see what the artsy & crafty people are doing these days. This year, once I took a look at the schedule (the night before the event started), I knew I simply HAD to get up there to get some pictures of Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues.

For Patti, mostly … and for Case, if she ever ventures over to my bloggie.

As for me: I love certain Monkees songs, but for the most part, I can’t claim to have been a fan of the show. For no reason other than I simply didn’t get it. It all struck me as pure silliness with basically no plot … which, I suppose, is pretty much what it was. It was only years later, in college, when Patti and Case and various others would tune in to The Monkees marathons on TV Land or whatever channel happened to be showing them, when I realized that was exactly the point: It WAS pure silliness, and there really was nothing TO get. You just watched the show and laughed and enjoyed the music. And crushed on whichever Monkee happened to be your favorite.

(I’m thinking both Patti and Case liked Mike the best, but I could be wrong; I really wasn’t paying attention. I’m pretty sure neither of them liked Davy Jones all that much, though.)

Peter Tork Closeup

Peter Tork & Arnold Jacks

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