So, a few weeks ago, this new cat shows up at The Lovely’s house. A couple of days later, I name her Kiddle — you know, like those “Little Kiddles” from the late-1960s/early 1970s. (I had a Little Kiddle ring with a blonde-haired Little Kiddle inside; naturally, though, I managed to lose the Little Kiddle, so I was left with this monstrous ring and nothing in it. I suspect this led to my early disdain for gaudy costume jewelry.*)

Kiddle is one of those cats who’s so ugly she’s cute. Kinda like she’s been hit by a truck or something. I adore her … except when she poops in the garage, of course.

Kiddle Panting

Kiddle Walking

Patches puts up with her, long as you make sure to put out 2 separate piles o’ food.

Patches Bathing

Patches Closeup

* — Other Di trivia: I also had a Cinderella watch with a yellow strap when I was a kid. Debra had Snow White, pink strap.