I was feeling a little dismayed the other day because I had not yet seen any sunflowers this summer. I found one at Diane’s neighbor’s house, but it was all scraggly and dried out; I saw some in Herrin the other evening when we were getting gas on our way back from Pizza & Pasta Express, but Kameron and Kendra were tired, and I’d already wasted several minutes taking what I thought was an alternate route (turns out it was one giant rural circle), so I decided to forgo a quick photo shoot.

Then, yesterday, I discovered some sunflowers just outside Freeman Spur — thanks to Sheila, who had told me about them at work. She had told me how to get to them, too, but I had never been to “The Spur,” so I was rather confused by all the curves. I called her as I was driving, and just as I was explaining where I was, I saw them!

“Never mind, there they are!” I exclaimed.


Sunflower & Flutterby