Kids on the Beach 1

Kids on the Beach 2

Kids on the Beach 3

I decided to take a drive out to the lake Saturday evening. It had been a long day — good, but long … one that included a trip with Kameron, Kendra and The Lovely down to Grandma Margaret’s to feed the fishies and go to Toys R Us, followed by a stop at Little Caesar’s that was essentially to pick up a pizza but ended up being a pizza party (large pepperoni, garlic breadsticks, a 2-liter of Pepsi and 2 balloons — all for under $10).

Once the kids and their grandma were safely returned, I buzzed by the lake to shoot a couple of pictures of a gospel singer who was performing at the amphitheater. Part of the aptly named Sunset Series.

I ventured behind the stage and saw some kids playing along the shore.

For a few seconds, I wanted to return to a time when I was that young and that carefree.

Of course, the only reason I’d want to be that young again is because, in theory, I’d have more time. (I was never that carefree.)

One kid is throwing sand in the third picture. You can see it if you look closely.