Station Wagon & Porch

Ran across this photo the other day. Naturally, I was looking for something else (past tax returns), and I found this crammed inside an Ansel Adams calendar from 2003, along with various other items and photos. All of which, obviously, I had put away for safekeeping. (No tax returns to be found, however. Go figure.)

This photograph is from my mom’s stash, some of which I have “borrowed” under the pretext/pretense of scanning all the pictures, Photoshopping them (if necessary), printing them out and putting them in a photo album. (I believe I got as far as slapping some baby pictures and kindergarten-through-eighth-grade school photos of my sister and me into one of those magnetic albums and then lost interest in the project.)

DEC 68: This is the view of our house and the front of my mom’s 1967 Ford Fairlane station wagon. You can’t tell from the black & white photo, but the car was Candy Apple Red. (I would love to have a good color picture of the car, and there probably are some amongst my mom’s aforementioned stash, but I do appreciate the way B&W photos hold up over the years.) I was 3 years, 8 months old at the time this picture was taken, probably by my mom using her Kodak Brownie camera. Christmas was coming up — in fact, if you look closely, you can see a plastic Santa Claus inside the front door, which is framed in tinsel. Judging from the light and the shadows against the house, which faces west, I figure this picture was taken in the late afternoon or early evening.

The car has long since been sold or traded, and the house looks nothing today like it did in 1968. My parents redid the porch and enclosed it with windows about the time I was in junior high (1977 or so); later, during The Great Empty Nest Remodeling Project of 1984 & Beyond, they actually turned the north end of the porch — where I had previously spent hours leaned back in a rocking chair, reading and writing — into a small bathroom (!) off the front bedroom.

Still: I remember this house. I grew up in this house.