This morning, I got up and at it earlier than I intended. Mostly so I could bug The Lovely. While I was about and out, though, I drove by the house on Maple with the poppy plants — and, to my delight, discovered that one of the poppy buds had burst open.

I strolled over to the yard and saw the man who lives there working outside. I asked him if he minded if I took pictures of his poppies; he was friendly and told me to help myself. I snapped away for a few minutes, and then asked him if it was OK if I returned when more of the buds had opened.

“Come by any time,” he told me.

As I was leaving, I paused at the sidewalk and took some pictures of the irises in the front yard. While I was crouched down, looking through the viewfinder on my camera, I felt someone tap me on my butt.

Only one thought came to mind:

I sure hope I know this person!

I glanced to my right and realized the tapping on my butt was this dog’s tail wagging!

Here's Looking at Me

I patted him on the head and back, and he stared at me for a few seconds before taking off, down the sidewalk and through the yard next door.


Tracking. Cats or squirrels or moles, who knows? And then:


He pointed. Toward what, I have no idea. Didn’t matter, anyway: I was hunting flowers.

After that, he bounded off, across the street and through another yard.