Mitty Sketti Tongue

I had leftover sketti for lunch. (Why is it that Italian food ALWAYS tastes better leftover? Exceptt maybe pizza … and that’s only ’cause it’s so difficult to get the crust perfectly crispy when you warm it up.) Mitty managed to make her way off her pillow and out of her bedroom in time to clean my plate.

(I’ve just now noticed that my living-room carpet is the same color as spaghetti sauce. Previously, I’ve always described it as “rust-colored”; from here on out, it’s “spaghetti-sauce-colored.”)

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my previous post that you absolutely MUST put some parmesan cheese on top of your sketti! Preferably the “freshly grated” kind — which all the cooking shows tell you to “freshly grate,” yourself, from a hunk-a hunk-a parmesan cheese, which I can NEVER find in the grocery store (read: Wal-Jack), so I’ve taken to buying the “already-grated” kind in a bag. MUCH better than the stuff in a can, which is OK as a last resort and works absolutely fabulously in my famous spinach artichoke dip … but that’s another bloggie post.

Mitty Sketti

Afterwards, Mitty spent several minutes cleaning those monster paws of hers:

Mitty Cleanup