I call them daffodils. I think they’re all pretty much the same. Donald and Virginia have three or four different varieties growing in their yard this spring, every spring, and the ones in that top picture are my favorites.

Group of Daffodils

Today was a good day.

I barely put a dent in the five remaining sections of the special edition we’re putting out, despite the fact that I was at the office until after 5, but hopefully I can accomplish miracles this weekend when my co-workers are gone and the phones are silent — meaning I won’t have to deal with callers like the ones I wrote about in a recent post, or the one who bent my ear for at least 10 minutes this morning, complaining about her water bill and how she’d paid it at the bank (as the water department allows you to do) but had been charged a late fee, still. It wasn’t even 8 o’clock yet and I was already trying to do about 15 things at once, and as she ranted, her voice got higher and louder — to the point that I told her, “Hey, don’t be yelling at me about it!” and she said she wasn’t, but I let her know that her voice was getting rather loud (I was holding the phone a good foot or so from my left ear* — thinking, all the while, that my head might actually explode if I didn’t hang up soon).

Later in the day, Adam rigged up a “new” monitor for my iMac at work. The blue “snowmobile,” as I like to think of it, has certainly seen better days, and the screen seems to keep getting darker and darker, so I casually mentioned that I need a new computer — knowing that the likelihood of that happening is about as great as the possibility of monkeys flying out of my butt (honestly, I’d bet on the butt-monkeys way before I’d put any money on a new computer, considering I’ve had exactly four in the umpteen years I’ve worked there — and two of those weren’t actually new but were new to me, so they seemed [somewhat] new). Mr. Fix-It went to the supply room, came back with a monitor and figured out that you can, indeed, hook up a different monitor to the iMac. He connected it to my computer, and voila! A new computer!

(Shortly thereafter, I realized this monitor was the same one from my previous computer; however, the screen is brighter and stuff looks bigger and I can see what the photos actually look like, so, what the heck?)

The old computer/power source is sitting on the desk next to the new monitor, facing west, and Michelle pointed out that anything on the new monitor could also be seen on the old computer. I fixed that potential security issue by taping a full-color Sesame Street Live! promotional folder that I’d received in the mail a few days ago to the old monitor.

It’s perfect, really: Grover features prominently amongst the Sesame Street gang, and there’s also a picture of Oscar the Grouch saying, “SCRAM!” (Sounds like a good photo op to me; I’ll try to remember to shoot one tomorrow.)

This evening I ventured over to The Lovely’s to watch the Salukis play Kansas in the Sweet 16. On The Lovely’s 48-incher. On which we had SIU-Kansas and All My Children going, thanks to split-screen technology and the fact that we both can, indeed, operate the remote. We had Big ‘n’ Tasty Value Meals, Cokes and Chips Ahoy cookies while we watched the game. Again: Perfect, really, except for the final score: Kansas 61, SIU 58.

I can’t dwell on it, though. I’m so tired, my eyes burn.

* — I’m mostly left-eared when it comes to talking on the phone; I believe it’s at least partly because I take notes with my right hand. How ’bout you?