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Jane got me thinking, today, about openness.

She referred to it in her MySpace bloggie, which I’d link to, but unless you’re on her Friends list, you can’t get in, and if you are on her Friends list, you’ve probably already read¬†her post, anyway.

It was sort of a tease post, really, ’cause she mentioned it and then she didn’t elaborate, which kinda made me think maybe she isn’t all that open … but then again, the mere fact that she brought it up for possible discussion, at some point, tells me that maybe she is.

Naturally, after considering for a bit whether I think Jane is an open person* or not, I asked myself the inevitable question: Am I an open person? (Yes, it’s ALL about me, eventually!)

The answer is: Sometimes I am, and sometimes I am not.

But, usually, I am.

I think it’s in my nature to be open. I don’t enjoy keeping a whole lot of stuff inside, and I would rather get it all out there, in the open, and deal with it. Which is not to say that I don’t have a tendency to ignore certain issues/topics that I simply don’t want to deal with, but, usually, if I’m thinking about something, I’m talking about it. To someone. It’s too much work to keep too much inside.

(There are times when I’ve probably been too open about certain topics. I’ve actually bored myself a few times, dwelling on this one or that. Yeah, there’s a point where too much openness is probably too much of a good [?] thing.)

Anyhoo, I was reminded of this Cowboy Junkies song that I really, really dig:

I’m So Open

Just outside there waiting
Just outside the circle
Waiting for that finger to point your way
Just keep running, just keep running
New ones quickly burning; old ones die away
Fires lit to say goodbye or hello
Which way you looking?
Which way you looking?

Count all wounds that brought you here
Lay your blessings end to end
Rid yourself of all regrets
Because here is where it all begins
A bumbler’s game, a cheaters wheel
Where the winner pays the highest cost
You’ve laid your marker, now watch the ball
Hold your breath; it’s about to fall

Just outside there waiting
Just outside the circle
Waiting there is someone, I don’t know who
I’m so open, I’m so open.

I don’t sleep most nights
Just lie awake and count my blessings
I’ll take this endless life of perfect pointless mornings
I’ll hold you ’til the morning comes ’cause it’s all that I can do.
I’m so open. I’m so open.
I don’t like these last goodbyes
I don’t like goodbyes.

Cowboy Junkies

So, yeah: I am an open book.

Whatchoo wanna know?

* — I’d say, yes, Jane is an open person. Except when she’s not.

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