Much like last weekend when I happened upon Love Actually first thing Saturday a.m., this Saturday ended up being a good movie day, too. Mostly during early afternoon on a day that was far too cold for playing — or even venturing! — outside, I discovered that two of my “old favorites,” Frequency and Big Fish, were playing on USA Network.

I fell in love with Frequency not long after it came out. I’d been wanting to see it but hadn’t managed to when it was in the theater, so, one Saturday night, The Lovely and I rented it. I had no idea how much the plot device of modern-day John Sullivan being able to communicate with his father, circa-1960s Frank Sullivan, via Frank’s ham radio would remind me of my own father and his love of CB radios.

Dad — better known in those days by his CB handle, “The Hustler” — had just about every gadget imaginable as part of his “base unit,” a Cobra model something-or-something, call letters KCPO362, boosted by a 50-foot tower on top of his double-wide. He gave Debra and me a 3-channel walkie-talkie to start out with, then a mobile (car) unit and then one of his old bases when he upgraded to a new unit.

He would talk on that thing day and night. If we couldn’t get ahold of him on the phone, we’d try the CB — he was always around.

In Frequency, John Sullivan is a cop who’s a bit of a lost soul, in no small part because he has spent most of his life without his father, a firefighter who died when John was a kid. Once the two make sort of a “back to the future/time-space continuum” connection via the airwaves, though, they are able to change history: John basically saves Frank’s life by telling him to take a different turn during the formerly fatal fire. In doing this, however, they alter other events as well — among them, a rash of serial killings that John, a New York police officer, has been investigating.

All in all, this film is a very good drama, with a fair amount of intrigue mixed in.

Mostly, though, it slays me when Frank tells John he loves him, and John replies, “I’ve missed you so much.”

Big Fish, too, is one of those father/son bonding films. I saw this one during one of my January trips to Indy, and I have to admit, I was underwhelmed by my initial viewing of it. Then, sometime later, I watched it again on TV. And again. And then it all clicked.

Yeah, it’s kind of silly in parts, and it certainly helps if you’re a Billy Crudup fan (which I am, majorly) or a Jessica Lange fan (ditto!) or especially a Ewan McGregor fan (which I am not, necessarily, but I could be … and if I ever get around to watching Moulin Rouge, I’m sure I will be). And the part where Sandra Bloom gets into the tub with Edward and tells him, “I don’t think I’ll every dry out” … whoa. I am slain again.

Good flicks. Good weekend.

Another positive aspect was the Scrabble competition that went on between The Lovely and me. Positive because we had two oh-so-close games, Saturday and Sunday evening, and also because I have finally learned how to score — rather than merely be impressed with my clever use of letters. (Previously, I was a lot like a basketball player who was content to hit a 3-pointer from 30 feet, once a season, as opposed to a true scorer who took the ball to the hole as often as possible, hoping to get fouled every time for a chance to tally more points.)

Now watching: The last few minutes of this week’s Amazing Race All-Stars, mostly ’cause they’re whitewater rafting. Been there, done thatand fell overboard and lived to tell about it! (I was pushed, I tell ya. Pushed!)