The weather has been lovely here for the past two days.

Today, one of the country roads took me to a lane. I was leery because a portion of yesterday’s travels took me down the potholiest terrain imaginable, but today, all of the roads were quite nice.

I stopped midway down the lane because I realized it was a dead-end.

Then I saw something staring at me, so I started shooting. (I stopped after 15 or so ’cause the deer was not moving at all … and I started to wonder if maybe it was one o’ those yard-art faux deer that some people put out front … and then I thought how funny that might be if anyone in either of the houses happened to be watching me … but then the deer turned its head and wagged its tail … so I resumed shooting.)

I didn’t notice the turkeys in the background until later when I was looking at my pictures on the computer screen.

Deer & Turkeys