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My favorite Over the Rhine song — in fact, one of my favorite songs ever — is called “Latter Days.”

And not just because it was introduced to me by someone who has never led me astray, musically, nor because it eventually led me to the OtR message board, where friendships have been formed, connections made, that have opened up my world more than I could have ever imagined.

Mostly it’s because “Latter Days” is about heartache and loss, and understanding and acceptance, and growth, and conflict, and disappointment, and moving on. That’s what it’s about, to me, anyway, and sometimes when I hear it, it’s one of the saddest, most devastating songs ever … and sometimes, it seems so uplifting and reassuring and reaffirming, in spite of everything that’s gone on/gone wrong:

I really think I’ll be OK.

At the moment, I have “Latter Days” on my MySpace space. I like to change songs every few days, though — sometimes more frequently, sometimes less so — and I had actually forgotten which song I had on there. And so, after reading an e-mail from someone with whom I have been friends since … wow, what seems like forever (we did not attend the same grade school but went to the same Sunday school class, starting in first or second or third grade, I don’t remember which) … who is going through an extra-tough time right now, I surfed over to my space and heard the first few lines of “Latter Days,” and … wow.

Once again, it proves to be the perfect song for the moment, the context.

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