We go into this restaurant, and after we find Debra and Karen at a table, I realize that Catie Curtis* is performing. So between songs, I troddle** over to where Catie is sitting on a bar stool with her guitar in her hands, and I tell her that I first heard her song “Dandelion” on a mix CD from a girl I once knew. (I try text-messaging the girl almost as soon as I see that Catie is singing here tonight!)

Then some people in the restaurant decide they are musicians, too, so they play/sing a song, and Catie waits patiently until they are finished, then she starts another song — and a guy in the corner is sorta playing his harmonica, right along with Catie’s song. And Catie’s so cool, she doesn’t seem to mind.

By the time she is midway through her next song, I decide I need my camera so I can take some “concert pictures,” so I leave, but first I have to find my keys, which I have left beside a bush near the first floor of the hotel. This search entails some sort of mini-quest through the hotel, and eventually I get some help from some bouncers/bellhops — except for one of them, who is especially rude, so I grab him by the neck and bite him (hard) on the left ear and tell him he needs to be nicer because next time, his demeanor (sp?) could be the difference between sending a guest into a rage (!!) or helping her have a much better day.

(I wake up with “100 Miles” in my head.)

* — Not Katie Couric. And speaking of her: What’s up with her face these days? She seemed so much … softer back on The Today Show, but now … I don’t know, it’s like her eyebrows have this scary arch or something to them (Uncle Leo?!), and I’m sorta frightened when I look at her!

** — That’s Leslie’s word. A combination of a “trot” and a “waddle.” Invented sometime during our days at EIU. Mostly used in this context: “I troddled off to class” or “After we drank a couple of pitchers of beer at Marty’s, we troddled over to Ike’s.”