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Because I care enough to send the very best … and also because a few of my co-workers received some nice bouquets, and then, later, I stumbled across more crocuses.

(The white crocus reminds me of The Flying Nun.)

Yellow Roses

Iris Maybe

Striped Crocus

White Crocus

Today, for whatever reason, I wake up at 5 a.m. And I’m faced with a decision: Do I lie there for another hour and a half, hoping that I drift back to sleep (which doesn’t seem like an all-too-likely occurrence), or do I get out of bed and watch TV to find out if The Lovely has school today?

I get up, and the oh-so-graphically appealing white-on-pea green scroll at the bottom of the aforementioned (in a previous post, I just know it!) channel passes by, with school closings listed in alphabetical order. I watch, patiently, until the N’s come up … then the O’s … the P’s (yeah, yeah, I know we’ve all got pretty good handle on the alphabet) … and then the R’s … and, yes, indeedy, school is OUT today! (Yes, I realize I skipped the Q’s, but only because there were none.)

I wake her ass up — and, truthfully, I don’t feel too bad about it because, hmm, some of us DO have to work, regardless. Then I shower and dress extra-warm (I got on a pair of extra-long silky-mesh shorts under these jeans, so if my ass looks extra-large today: Get over it!) and feed the cat(s) and head out to the car, armed with a gallon of hot water. (OK, I realize the experts say, “Don’t!” — but it works for me, so back off.)

The door opens rather easily. The windows aren’t too caked with ice and snow, either, and I can’t help noticing that the clouds are trying to make way for a semi-sunny day. Which makes me feel better, somehow.

I look to the southeast and see a sliver of moon drifting in and out of wispy gray clouds. I think of Patti because she likes moonsets. Or moonrises. Whichever this is.

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