The awards season is upon us, and I have found myself inexplicably drawn to some of the televised coverage of the handing-out of various honors: The Golden Globes. The SAG Awards. The Grammys. Tonight, I might catch some of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show — which, obviously, is not an awards show for humans, and, as such, is thankfully devoid of any long-winded acceptance speeches. Still, if Joan and Melissa Rivers are doing their red-carpet interviews before the doggies do their stuff, I’ll probably get sucked into that, too.

One year, I gave up awards shows for Lent. Wasn’t one of the more difficult things* I’ve denied myself, either.

I was thrilled that two of my relatively new faves, Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) and Hugh Laurie (House, M.D.) won Golden Globes. Or SAGs. Actually, I think Laurie won one of each, but I would’ve voted for Kyra for both, also … if only I had remembered to renew my membership in the Screen Actors Guild. Heh.

I used to detest Kyra Sedgwick, and I have no idea why. OK, I didn’t detest her — I try not to expend that much negative energy on anyone, for any reason — but I sure wouldn’t spend more than a minute watching her in any movie. She always struck me as a Julia Roberts wannabe, only not as pretty (hey, how shallow am I?) and not as good of an actress. And then I watched one — count ’em, one! — episode of The Closer, and I promptly renounced any previous criticisms I’d ever had for ol’ Kyra. She totally rocks!

If I were giving out TV awards, in good faith, I could present them only to actors who appear in shows I happen to watch and enjoy — because, heh, if I don’t enjoy a show, I generally don’t watch it. (Which is one reason ER, a show with which I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship over the years, is just about to be OFF’d, indefinitely.)

So, here are my picks in various hit-and-miss categories:

Best Comedy: Two-and-a-Half Men … mostly because this is the only comedy I watch on a regular basis … though I do like Elaine’s new show, sorta, and the one and only time I watched The Office, it made me laugh out loud … and I’m tempted to list Boston Legal, actually, but I’m not sure it officially qualifies as a comedy, but it certainly does crack me up, at least 10 times an episode … so, like I said: Boston Legal.

Best Drama: Criminal Minds … with kudos to House and Bones (mental note: Remember to drop Comcast if it somehow can’t manage to reach an agreement with FOX!), and also the Criminal Intent and SUV versions of Law & Orderwhen I can manage to find them not playing opposite any of the other shows I regularly watch.

Best Actor: William Shatner (Boston Legal). Hands down. Followed ever-so-closely by the guy who plays Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) on Criminal Minds. Followed by Hugh Laurie and Shatner’s co-star, James Spader, and Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order: Criminal Intent).

Best Actress: Kyra Sedgwick. Easily. And I’m kinda likin’ the Arquette girl (Patricia, I think) who’s on Medium.

As for the Grammys: I missed the Police, so I wasn’t all that interested in the rest of the show. Although I must admit I am very alarmed by my growing fondness for Justin Timberlake — ever since that appearance on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago!

And speaking of SNL musical guests: I also have this undeniable attraction to Keith Urban, and I’m not quite sure if it’s simply a matter of me liking his music or the fact that I have an ever-so-slight thing for Nicole Kidman.

And, on that note: Am I the only one on the planet who noticed the extreme … irony or something over the fact that, no sooner had Urban finished his first song (“Stupid Boy” or something like that; I don’t know his music well enough to know titles) on what I assume was his first live TV performance since his recent three-month stint in rehab, when a big promo for Budweiser took viewers right to commercial?!

Timing is everything, I guess.

* — That would be the year I gave up red meat, yellow cheese and brown soda. That was a killer Lenten season … and I’m not even Catholic!