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Part of designing my new bloggie includes placing widgets in the sidebar. (That sentence sounds incredibly techno-geeky, dontcha think?!)

Anyhoo, for now, I’ve decided I need to have a calendar there, right near the top of the page … because, let’s face it, I hardly ever know what day it is! (Ask Al or Michelle at work; they are constantly having to fix the datelines on my pages.)

In general, I like calendars. Granted, my desktop calendar at work is still on February 2006, and the ultra-cool calendar that contains neato sayings about journalism and the First Amendment and what-not usually gets updated only every couple of days when Chrissie drops by, but still: I like them. At the moment, I have four calendars at home — one with lighthouses, another with landscapes, one from the Old Farmer’s Almanac and a daily planner chock full o’ photos from the Audobon Society — and I even remembered to turn them over to February (2007!) already.

As for the calendar on my bloggie, I had to decide the day on which to start the week. And, at first, I had Monday because, well, to me, that’s the first (and usually the yuckiest) day of the week. However, every calendar I can think of has Sunday listed as the first day of the week, so I changed it to that.

And when I saw “SMTWTFS” at the top, I had to chuckle.

When I was a kid, a very little kid, my mom had a cloth full-year calendar hanging on the wall in the dining area. The calendar included every month of the year (probably 1971 or 1972 or thereabouts), along with a picture of apples or utensils or eggs or tomatoes or herbs or roosters or some other kitchen-related food/items, I can’t recall, exactly.

I do remember that I knew how to read by then because every morning, whilst eating Cocoa Wheats or toast and hot chocolate for breakfast, I would stare at the calendar, trying to sound out a word with no vowels — “SMTWTFS” — that appeared near the top of each month.

“Smuh-too-whut-fuss” was the best I could ever come up with … and I was pretty sure I’d never heard that word before.

I don’t remember the exact moment when it all clicked, suddenly, and that proverbial light bulb turned on right above my head as I realized those letters stood for the days of the week. It was, however, a moment that ranks right up there with the instant you learn how to tie (I did so whilst wearing my stepbrother’s bathrobe) or tell time or understand why 1 + 1 = 2 but 1 x 1 = 1 or something else that everyone else in the world already understands or knows how to do.

(For the record: A couple of years later when I had my first official eye exam, I tried to read each line of letters on the eye chart as one word, too. The optometrist made me stop and start over again, saying each individual letter out loud.) 🙂

OK, so it’s actually Saturday afternoon now, but it was Saturday morning when I was thinking about this bloggie post — and then that song came to mind, “Come Saturday Morning” by the Sandpipers (I thought it might-a been Burt Bacharach; it has that 1970s sound, which I suppose is apropos since it did reach No. 17 on the charts in 1970, according to my rather non-extensive Google search just now), so I decided to go with it.

This has become a Do-Nothing Day, and that’s fine with me because tomorrow is the birthday party and the Super Bowl (Go, Bears!) — and, secretly, I’m itchin’ to spend my J.C. Penney gift card I got for Christmas (Go, parents!) sometime before then, but I hate to give up this coziness for a 45- or 90-minute round-trip drive, depending on the destination I would choose, either of which would involve setting foot in a mall.

Nah, I think I’ll stay right here.


So, here we are, three days into February (Cousin Kevin is 37 today!), and already, two of the three days have included sunshine — though, yesterday, it pains me to admit, I managed to miss every second of sunlight because, for whatever reason, I managed NOT to get out of the office. It was almost uncanny: I arrived at work just before sunrise, and I left work half an hour or so after sunset. It truly felt like A Lost Day … except I guess I did manage to work 11 hours and put together a couple of editions of the newspaper.

Still: That’s 11 hours of sunshine I’ll never get back.


This is my first post in my brand-new bloggie on WordPress.

Tee-Hee seems like she’s about half-mad at me for starting a new one: She keeps asking, “Why?” … and I keep trying to explain … even though a girl really shouldn’t have to explain why she wants a new blog (you wouldn’t expect me to keep the same purse forever, would you? — that is, if I carried a purse) … plus, I think I already have explained, at least to anyone who has read my recent MySpace posts … and besides: It’s free, so what’s the biggie ’bout the bloggie?

(Mostly, I simply wanted a place that felt a little more personalized. Not that it’s easy to feel overly unique using a ready-made template with pre-determined settings, but I have close to zero interest in learning CSS or HTML and/or paying for a custom-made site, so for now, this is as close to “personalized” as I’m gonna get.)


These are from Thursday, the only unsunny day of the month, so far … but snow fell that morning, so it all evened out:

Iced Striped Crocus

Shaggy Bark & Snow

Jeep Truck & Snow


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